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Earth & Enviro Science (NSW)

Year 11 and 12 Earth and Environmental Science

The following resources are provided to support the teaching and learning of Earth and Environmental Science. For a list of our resources, mapped to the NSW curriculum, click here.

AusEarthEd is offering free in person and virtual incursions for Year 11 and 12 Earth and Environmental Science classes across NSW. Half day and one hour incursions are available. To find out more click here.

Free excursions to the WB Clark Geoscience Centre and Core Library are available during the school term. Click here for more information.

Looking for a resource to assist Year 10 classes with their subject selections? This video provides a short overview of the course and why it is really relevant to them.
EES Subject Selection - NSW - Video Link


The Newcastle Coastal Geotrail provides a great experience with lots of links to the Year 11/12 EES Curriculum – find out more here – Newcastle Geotrail Activities – Teacher Information

Looking for a lovely way to explore how interconnected the STEM subjects are and what the Earth has to tell us? We recommend Professor Iain Stewart’s Rise of the Continents documentary series:

Climate Change

Climate Change – Resources

The Geological Record of Climate Change


Stable Isotopes – Reading

Watch our video demonstrating a great way to model the relationship between oxygen isotopes and temperature.

Oxygen Isotopes and Temperature (post)

Fossils as Climate Evidence – Reading

Aboriginal Art as Evidence of Changing Climate – Reading

Evidence for Past Climate – Data Processing Activity

Reading Rocks: Climate Evidence (post)


Milankovitch Cycles: Earth’s Orbit Affecting Climate (post)

LIPs and Climate – Presentation

LIPs and Climate – Presentation Notes

LIPs and Climate – Student Worksheet

Volcanoes and Climate – Presentation

Volcanoes and Climate – Presentation Notes

Volcanoes and Climate – Student Worksheet

Supercontinents and Climate – Reading

Modern Climate Change

Greenhouse Effect (II) – Enhanced Greenhouse Effect (video)

Climate Since European Settlement – Student Worksheet

Possible Repercussions of Climate Change

Changing Species Ranges – Reading

Ocean Acidification – Student Activity

Ocean Acidification – Article

Watch our video exploring ocean acidification

Climate Change: Australia’s Coasts at Risk

Watch our video on coastal erosion

Mitigation and Adaptation

Climate Change: Action

Watch our video on climate change action

Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation

Watch our video exploring mitigation and adaptation strategies

Geoengineering – Presentation

Geoengineering – Presentation Notes

Geoengineering – Student Worksheet

Plate Tectonics and Geohazards

Plate Tectonics – Features and Geohazards – Presentation

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Presentation

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Presentation Notes

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Student Worksheet

Watch these short animations from WASP outlining key features of plate boundaries:

Convection Currents – Student Activities

Watch our video exploring ways to model convection currents

Convection – Post

Modelling Convergent and Divergent Boundaries – Teacher Notes

Modelling Convergent and Divergent Boundaries – Student Worksheet

Watch our video demonstrating how to model these plate boundaries

Reading Rocks: What type of plate boundary? – Post

Earthquakes – Presentation

Earthquake Pavlova Model (video)

Earthquake Waves – Student Worksheet

Elastic Earthquake – Post

Watch our video exploring a way to demonstrate elastic rebound

Earthquake Depth – Student Worksheet

Earthquake Hazards: Ground Motion (video)

Earthquake Hazards (post)

Earthquakes and Tsunamis – Reading

A short animation about tsunami generation from WASP

Volcanoes – Presentation

Volcanoes – Magma Types and Eruptions – Presentation

Volcanoes and Magma Infographic

Types of Volcanoes – Reading

Volcanic Gas and Viscosity – Student Activity

Volcanoes and Viscosity – Student Activity

Volcanic Eruptions Impacts – Student Worksheet

Lahars – Post

Geohazard Minimisation – Presentation

Geohazard Minimisation – Presentation Notes

Geohazard Minimisation – Student Worksheet

Technologies to predict natural hazards – Post

Partial Melting and Magma – Student Worksheet

Plate Tectonic Supercycle Model – Student Activity

Watch our video Modelling the Plate Tectonic Supercycle

Plate Tectonic Supercycle – Post

Tectonic Updates (post)

Science of the 2022 Tonga Eruption (video)


Aboriginal Resource Management in NSW – Post

Geological Resources – Presentation

Geological Resources – Presentation Notes

Geological Resources – Student Worksheet

Gold – Resource Case Study

Mining Exploration Box – Student Activity

Mining Exploration Box – Construction and Use

Watch our video looking at mining exploration and how to construct and use a mining exploration box

Mining Exploration – Post

Using MinView for NSW – Geological Exploration

Datasets and GIS – Post

Exploration Drilling and Rehabilitation (post)

In this series of activities students examine the future of energy and mineral use:

Elements of a High-Tech Society – Student Worksheet

Elements of a High-Tech Society – Teacher Notes

Watch our video exploring a way to simulate seafloor mapping

Mapping the Seafloor – Post

Mining Impact and Rehabilitation – Student Worksheet

Mining Impact and Rehabilitation – Presentation

Mining Impact and Rehabilitation – Presentation Notes

Watch our video demonstrating a great way to model mine site rehabilitation

Mine Site Rehabilitation – Post

Mine Rehabilitation – Student Worksheet

Mining Waste Management – Case Study

Renewable Energy in NSW – Presentation

Renewable Energy in NSW – Presentation Notes

Renewable Energy in NSW – Student Worksheet

Implementing Alternative Energy – Student Worksheet

The Hydrogen Economy – Presentation

The Hydrogen Economy – Presentation Notes

The Hydrogen Economy – Student Worksheet

Streamflow and Sediment Size – Student Worksheet

Resource Extraction – Student Worksheet

Watch our video about Layer Cake Core Drilling

Resources for Teachers

There are even more resources available to teachers that have undertaken professional development sessions with AusEarthEd. If you would like to find out more about professional development opportunities please contact us and subscribe to updates for Year 11/12 EES (see below).