Team - Australian Earth Science Education


Joanne Watkins

Chief Executive Officer

Jo has been a part of the team since 2011 moving across from her role as an Earth and Environmental (and general) Science teacher with the Department of Education. Jo loves enthusing students and teachers about this wonderful subject.

Jo is based in WA but loves travelling, to support the team, across Australia.

Marie Rodger

Operations Officer

Marie joined the team in 2018 with over twenty years of experience in not-for-profit, private and public sectors, including running her own consultancy. She provides operational support for the team as well as helping to make ESWA bigger and stronger. Having three daughters, she is passionate about education and children having no barriers to learning and striving.

Marie is based in WA.

Cecily Arkell

Lead Educator – Primary Engagement

Cecily joined ESWA in 2018 from a career teaching Earth and Environmental (and general) Science in city and rural schools. She initially studied Chemistry before working in mining laboratories for many years. She taught English in a rural city of Japan (next to the most active volcano in Japan!) before returning to Perth to complete her teaching qualifications to combine her passion for Science with enthusing students.

Cecily is based in WA but loves travelling to the NT to work with teachers and students there too.

Fiona Mochrie

Lead Educator – Lower Secondary Engagement

Fiona started working for ESWA in 2017 after having worked as a Science Outreach Officer at Murdoch University. Her love of travel and the outdoors is what led her to study Geology with Planetary Science at Manchester University, before going on to teach Geography, Geology and Physics in the UK and Australia. Her favourite rock is an eclogite, but looking at thin sections of meteorites was also a highlight of her studies.

Fiona is based in WA.

Susan Filan

Lead Educator – Senior Secondary Engagement

Susan joined the team in 2020 from teaching Earth and Environmental (and general) Science. Her passion for Australia’s environment and geological past was ignited during an expedition to the Riversleigh fossil site in 1988. She enjoys teaching about our amazing Earth and its history.

Susan is based in NSW.

Lachlan Hallett

Education Officer

Lachlan joined the team in 2021. Lachlan is a geologist with the Northern Territory Geological Survey but is swapping the rocks and map making to come work with primary school students in the NT. He has a background in geology and engineering. In his spare time, Lachlan enjoys building things and going orienteering.

Lachlan is based in the NT.

Liam Olden

Education Officer

Liam joined our team in 2022. He is a palaeontologist and geologist who has come to spread his passion for earth sciences. He specialised in early life on Earth and putting together it’s past environments.

Liam is currently based in WA but loves travelling and exploring the fantastic planet we live on.