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Earth & Enviro Science (WA)

Plate Tectonics and Geohazards

Plate Tectonics – Features and Geohazards – Presentation

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Presentation

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Presentation Notes

Savoury Snack Tectonics – Student Worksheet

Watch these short animations from WASP outlining key features of plate boundaries:

Convection Currents – Student Activities

Watch our video exploring ways to model convection currents

Convection – Post

Modelling Convergent and Divergent Boundaries – Teacher Notes

Modelling Convergent and Divergent Boundaries – Student Worksheet

Watch our video demonstrating how to model these plate boundaries

Reading Rocks: What type of plate boundary? – Post

Earthquakes – Presentation

Earthquake Pavlova Model (video)

Earthquake Waves – Student Worksheet

Watch our video exploring a way to demonstrate elastic rebound

Elastic Earthquake – Post

Earthquake Depth – Student Worksheet

Earthquake Hazards: Ground Motion (video)

Earthquake Hazards (post)

Earthquakes and Tsunamis – Reading

A short animation about tsunami generation from WASP

Volcanoes – Presentation

Volcanoes – Magma Types and Eruptions – Presentation

Volcanoes and Magma Infographic

Types of Volcanoes – Reading

Volcanic Gas and Viscosity – Student Activity

Volcanoes and Viscosity – Student Activity

Volcanic Eruptions Impacts – Student Worksheet

Lahars – Post

Geohazard Minimisation – Presentation

Geohazard Minimisation – Presentation Notes

Geohazard Minimisation – Student Worksheet

Technologies to predict natural hazards – Post

Partial Melting and Magma – Student Worksheet

Plate Tectonic Supercycle Model – Student Activity

Watch our video about Modelling the Plate Tectonic Supercycle

Plate Tectonic Supercycle – Post

Tectonic Updates – Post