STEM - Australian Earth Science Education



This page features local resources and links to relevant resources across our many programs, including WASP and PALMS.

Year 5

Tackle a class STEM project to consider how dust impacts us both on Earth and in Space in this offering from PALMS.

Year 6

Tackle a class STEM project to design an international space farm in this offering from PALMS.

Or these STEM projects from WASP:

  • Flooding
  • Landslide Engineering
  • Monitoring a Volcano

Year 7

WASP STEM projects on:

  • Designing a Passive Building
  • Making an Orrery
  • Recycling Water

Year 8

WASP STEM projects on:

  • Chopping on Rock (designing a chopping board)
  • Going for Gold
  • Searching for Iron Ore

Year 9

WASP STEM projects on:

  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Burying Nuclear Waste
  • Volcanic Hazards

Year 10

WASP STEM projects on:

  • Farming for Food
  • Sea Level Rise Mitigation
  • Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage